Looking Ahead: Expanding the Cary Connection Blog to Include All of N.C.


Hello followers! Currently, we have various events, activities, interviews and more on our calendar for the upcoming summertime and we cannot wait! In addition, we are now featuring stories written by children and teens, in order to give a unique perspective to everything that this area (and beyond) has to offer.  We are also planning to explore all of North Carolina, from east to west and everything in between.  We have started a GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/help-the-cary-connection to help us get to a financial goal to enable us to bring the state’s best to you.  While we seek sponsorship always, there are some costs that are not covered.  Therefore, if you would help us with whatever you can donate, your help will assist to defray the expenses, such as gas, tolls, fees and accommodations.  ALL money not utilized will be donated directly to the “Fill Your Bucket List” Foundation.  This is an amazing organization of which I am a part of, which helps cancer patients to receive life long dreams.

If you are interested in helping us out, please visit our page to read more.  All donations of any size are appreciated.  As an added thank you, we will be mailing weekly postcards from our location to anyone who donates.

Thanks so much for considering helping us out!

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