Let’s Go LEGO! BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention Comes to Raleigh


Who doesn’t like LEGOS? Ok, maybe at the moment you step on a few left behind by your kids, you aren’t the biggest fan! Seriously, though, LEGOS are awesome.  If you and your children are LEGO fans, get ready, because the BrickUniverse LEGO Fan Convention will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center in April 8-9, 2017!

The Convention will be the largest one yet, according to event management. Professional LEGO artists will be there to speak with attendees about their lives, how to become a LEGO master builder and of course, to show off their jaw-dropping designs. There will also be plenty of LEGO creations built by fans to delight everyone who visits.

In addition, BrickUniverse will have lots of opportunities for building with LEGOS, including head-to-head building completions. There will be lots of fun for everyone in your family; even your younger children can get in on the fun with a special Duplo area designed just for them.

At the time of publishing this post, there are still tickets available for both Saturday and Sunday, but they are expected to sell out.  You can purchase tickets at http://www.brickuniverse.org/raleigh. Have a great time!

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