Throughout the years I have lived in Cary, North Carolina,  I have heard lots of generalized reasons why people relocate here.  Among the top reasons given for relocating to Cary, North Carolina include:

  • employment relocation
  • to take advantage of the excellent schools
  • to have a warmer, more moderate climate
  • to live in a family-friendly locale
  • easy access to the outdoors (mountains to beaches and everything in between)
  • to get a lower cost of living than their previous residential state

I have heard many other reasons as well!  But when you get right down to it, why do so many northerners flock to Cary when relocating? Why is Cary known as the “Containment Area for Replanted Yankees?”

Coming from Long Island, New York, I tried to research this question by asking those “replanted” here from New York.  What is it about Cary that makes it so appealing?  Not surprisingly, many northerners cited to a better quality of life.  Some spoke of the “rat race” mentality they left behind up north. Many sought better public schools, lower taxes and getting more for your tax dollars.  Still others talked about how the traffic congestion was out of control.  Others noted that there is much more you can get for your money here in terms of housing.

Personally, when I lived in New York, I owned an itsy bitsy house that cost me $415,000.  It was a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom house.  It had some neat aspects to it- it had formerly been a late 1800’s town elementary school, it had some unique architectural features and a very interesting addition.  But I frequently think to myself- what $415,000 could buy you in a house in Cary, North Carolina, would be astonishing in comparison! I mean, to put it into New York lingo-fuggitaboudit! There is definitely a substantial difference in terms of how far your dollar will go when purchasing a home in Cary- and as a Realtor here, I can vouch for that.

Nevertheless, throughout every conversation I had with my fellow “replanted yankees,” there was one common thread  without exception- regardless of the “why” they relocated to Cary originally, they stayed here because of the strong sense of community among their neighbors and friends.  Undoubtedly, there is a unique hospitality here that us northerners can appreciate- and as time has passed, I have come to see that over and over again. This hospitality is contagious; once you reside here in Cary, you cannot help but emulate what makes this a great place to live.   Perhaps its what one would call “southern hospitality,” but I prefer to see it as a powerful testament to what makes Cary such a wonderful place to live.






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